Name: Damian

Case Number: 2451

Date of Birth: 2004

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Damian is a distinguished boy with a determination to learn and master everything he possibly can. He has a charismatic personality. He is always smiling and happy, and loves to give strong hugs to everyone. He enjoys music and has some pretty good moves of his own. Damian's language and communication skills are not at the same level of other children his age. He does well being around other people, and also can play on his own. Damian has a very laid-back personality and tends to go with the flow of things. Some of the activities he really enjoys include watching Toy Story 3 and anything to do with animals. Damian is a very patient and determined little boy. Damian needs a loving and committed family who will make Damian's health a priority so that he can continue to grow healthy and strong.