Name: Herald

Case Number: 2456

Date of Birth: 2004

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Herald is an adorable child with a sweet-natured personality. He loves to have fun and play along in the presence of his peers. He has a sense of humor that can brighten your day when you least expect it. Herald is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He has surpassed many of the limits that are typical of children with special needs. Herald is growing and learning things on his own level and on his own terms. When life takes Herald outside his comfort zone, he is capable of slowly adjusting to the new situation. Herald is a loving and affectionate child and will allow you to hold him. He likes quality time and being hugged. Herald will benefit most with a family who has knowledge of autism spectrum disorder. Herald will benefit from one-on-one attention to allow him to continue to grow and develop.Herald will benefit from a family who will advocate for his needs. In addition, Herald will benefit from a family who is physically active, as he loves nature and the outdoors.