Name: Cimmey

Case Number: 2465

Date of Birth: 2004

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Here's Cimmey, pronounced as "Kimmy". Cimmey is a very affectionate boy. He develops attachments and bonds with others around him. Described as very polite and well mannered, he is a very cute little boy with a charming smile. Cimmey's personality is that of a pleasant, charming boy. Cimmey absolutely loves church. This is often reflected in his behavior because he is at his best and truly focused while at church. An energizer bunny, Cimmey will keep you on your toes and on the go with his energy level. Cimmey loves to play. He thrives being outdoors where he can run, jump, and be active in having fun. Extracurricular activities like sports would be very beneficial for Cimmey and expose him to more opportunities for social interactions. Though he will not be adopted with his older siblings, he is attached to them and is always happy to see them. The ideal family for Cimmey will be fun loving, nurturing, high energy and patient.