Name: Ja'Badrious

Case Number: 2472

Date of Birth: 2001

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Ja'Badrious likes to be called “JB” which in his case could stand for jumping and bouncing or junior boss. He is full of energy and loves to play sports and attend baseball games. JB can be a "take charge" person. He is quick to help out. JB does best when he is engaged in activities that capture his attention. Those activities can be arts and crafts, chores around the house, being a helper, or playing video games. He also enjoys being outside running and playing. JB loves to ride his bike or go skating. JB is such a little charmer with a warm personality. He loves being the center of attention. JB rewards one-on-one attention with engaging conversation. JB states he would like "a big family" and is okay if the family has dogs or other pets. He also wants a "family with cool cars". He understands and is ready for adoption. JB knows that adoption is possible and shows continuous progress as he gets closer and closer to receiving a forever family. A family who is loving, nurturing and patient will be best for JB. If you are that family, please inquire.