Name: Benito

Case Number: 2474

Date of Birth: 2005

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Benito is a sweet young boy! He is an expert at puzzles and likes to put them together in his spare time. Benito is an active youth with lots of energy who enjoys going to the roller-skating park and the trampoline park. He communicates by using some sign language, and he can say two to three-word sentences at times. He understands what is being told to him verbally or being physically demonstrated to him. He loves to eat and has a big appetite! Benito especially loves pancakes, macaroni and cheese, and candy. He is not much of a vegetable lover, but he will eat romaine lettuce, green beans, and corn which is an accomplishment for him. Benito is a quiet youth at times, but he does like to hum and sing. Benito enjoys reading with someone there to help him with one-on-one assistance. He can use a keyboard very well and is great with any sort of technology, such as tablets or computers. Benito would play video games all day long, if he could. He knows how to find his way around YouTube and watch different clips that interest him. He enjoys watching Disney XD and always knows exactly which channel it comes on. He likes to watch Disney movies and sing along to them.