Name: Zasmine

Case Number: 2477

Date of Birth: 2002

Gender: Girl

State: Texas

Additional Information: Zasmine likes to meet new people, but at times she is cautious in doing so. Once she is comfortable with you, she can talk to you for hours. She is very curious and will openly ask questions about what is happening, whether it is a TV show or things going on in the house. She plays well with her peers and she likes to be the leader in most situations. Zasmine is very creative and enjoys activities which include coloring and drawing. She also likes to work on projects and create artful creations. She loves to watch cartoons and can spend hours watching shows on kid themed stations. With a little motivation, she can spend hours playing outdoors. Zasmine enjoys taking walks around the neighborhood and playing at the playground. Her favorite thing to do is go swimming. Zasmine has a good appetite and loves to try new foods. She does well in her academics. She gets along with her peers at times, and other times she can be unfriendly and become a challenge with her teachers and peers. Zasmine wants to maintain contact with her siblings, who are not part of this adoption. Zasmine is also looking for a family who will provide her with the structure she is accustomed to. A strong but loving family will be needed.