Name: Andrea

Case Number: 3039

Date of Birth: 2002

Gender: Girl

State: Texas

Additional Information: Andrea is a caring and loving youth. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite food is Mexican, especially enchiladas. She also loves to go out for ice cream. Andrea is becoming more “girly” and starting to care about her appearance and what others think of her. Andrea learns at a slower rate than other children her age. She utilizes resources and assistance in school to help her succeed. Andrea works best in smaller groups to help her build and develop foundations. She indicates that she enjoys school and math is her favorite subject. She sometimes gets frustrated with tasks, but she still works hard and tries her best. Andrea stated that she loves the outdoors and she wants a family. She is ready to be adopted and to belong with a mom and a dad. Andrea enjoys going places with her foster family and doing fun things, such as going to the movies, going out to eat, and shopping. She loves animals and would like a home with pets.