Name: Jeremiah

Case Number: 3045

Date of Birth: 2008

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Jeremiah is a lively and outgoing boy who enjoys video games and playing basketball and football. He enjoys music and dance, and enjoys writing rap music. He is generally cooperative and polite with adults, and is very articulate. He is curious about things around him and readily questions why certain things are done. He has bonded with caregivers in the past and his previous caregivers speak well of him. He can be reasonable and understands what is expected of him, especially when explained well. He effectively demonstrates positive, learned coping skills that helps him to better work through life challenges. He is doing well in school and particularly enjoys science, even when it is challenging for him. In his current placement, he has done well in his day-to-day. He can be affectionate and maintains a strong bond with his siblings, who have been adopted. He does worry when he cannot see them. He still thinks about his bio mom but seems to understand why he cannot be with her.