Name: Bryan

Case Number: 3047

Date of Birth: 2002

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Meet Bryan, a very quiet, easy going youth. It may take him a while to warm up to you, but once he does, you're sure to see a youth who loves to laugh, learn new things, and simply have a good time. Bryan is very polite in his interactions with others and is really just a joy to be around. He enjoys school and does very well. Bryan is in the band and likes to participate in all the other activities offered through his school. He is smart and very interested in history, especially the history of our presidents. Bryan really enjoys drawing and playing outside with the basketball and soccer ball. Playing on a sports team is something he would like to do. He enjoys going shopping, going out to eat, and any number of family outings. Bryan really likes motorcycles, but seems satisfied at this point enjoying an outdoor ride on his new mountain bike Bryan has grown in maturity and is a very trustworthy, loving, and loyal youth. So grab some of Bryan's favorite foods like chocolate cake, chicken, beans and salad, and head to the zoo or off to a local museum to begin making a new and exciting history with Bryan!