Name: Christopher

Case Number: 3061

Date of Birth: 2005

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Christopher is a wonderfully imaginative youth who is eager to charm his way into your heart and home. He is gifted with a creative flare and an exuberant joy for life. Christopher has a bubbly personality and is always ready to tell a joke. Christopher is outgoing with a kind heart and infectious personality. He is well-mannered, respectful, and polite to those around him. He can also be very open in expressing his feelings and emotions. Christopher is helpful and resourceful, although he may need occasional encouragement and time to self-reflect. He loves being outdoors and assisting with caring for livestock. Christopher can be very persistent in his desires, which shows his determination. He is creative and full of imagination. Christopher has recently become interested in playing football. Whether inside or out, Christopher will always find a way to have a good time!