Name: Zaaria

Date of Birth: 2008

Gender: Girl

State: Texas

Additional Information: Zaaria is a very grateful and affectionate child. She has a great sense of humor and enjoys laughing. Initially Zaaria comes across as introverted until she is comfortable and she then displays a more outgoing demeanor. She enjoys making crafts and is very creative with Legos. Zaaria has a passion to be a hairdresser and travel the world, she is very goal oriented. She loves to be around children who are close to her age or older. Zaaria is very independent and can do many daily routines with no issues. She has excellent grades in school and excels in math. Zaaria has a beautiful relationship with teachers and peers; therefore, she often make surprise gifts to show her appreciation. Zaaria has a bright smile that can be contagious and warm up any room. She is very observant when she is in a new environment and she ask lots of questions.