Name: Armida

Case Number: 3066

Date of Birth: 2009

Gender: Girl

State: Texas

Additional Information: Meet Armida or as everybody calls her Mimi! Mimi is a bubbly and happy child. Mimi also knows how to say “hi.” She is very loving and shows affection by holding hands, laying on, and hugging people. She enjoys playing independently. Mimi has a fascination with water and enjoys drinking it. She enjoys spending time outside watching the other children play and basking in the sun. Mimi enjoys walking around and lounging on the couch. She is a good eater, but she does have food aversions to spicy and sour things. One of her favorite foods is pizza. Mimi is generally a happy child. She benefits from supportive services in school. Mimi needs patient role models and caregivers to assist and guide her in strengthening her skills.