Name: Armida

Case Number: 3066

Date of Birth: 2009

Gender: Girl

State: Texas

Additional Information: Armida, who prefers to go by “Mimi,” is a friendly, curious, and determined young girl. Armida makes some sounds and she knows how to say “hi.” Mimi is social, seeks attention and affection from preferred caregivers, and likes to be close to and snuggle with others. She enjoys eating and looking in the mirror. Mimi has a fascination with water and enjoys drinking it. Mimi is a good eater but does have food aversions to spicy and sour foods, and she enjoys finger foods. She attends school where she is provided with supportive services to help her reach her potential. Mimi also participates in the Special Olympics at her school. Mimi needs patient role models and caregivers who will assist and guide her in strengthening her skills.