Name: Chasity

Case Number: 3070

Date of Birth: 2006

Gender: Girl

State: Texas

Additional Information: Chasity is a lovely youth who enjoys being around others and is able to communicate what she wants by speaking or showing you, though she is somewhat shy. She understands conversations and directions. Chasity is most successful in doing tasks correctly when rewarded for her achievement. She loves praise and likes to let every around know when she is able to accomplish a task. Chasity is very polite and will use 'please", "thank you", and "sorry". She uses short phrases and repeats after others. Chasity has a favorite backpack which makes her happy. She loves stuffing blankets into her backpack until she can't fit any more. Chasity enjoys being outdoors and running around the yard and playground. Once getting on the playground the wagon is her first choice of what to play with. She pulls her belongings or things she collects along the way in it. Chasity loves coloring and showing off her work. Chasity is working on becoming more independent and pushes towards doing things on her own, she will sometimes become frustrated if others offer to assist her. She is very helpful towards others. Chasity helps without being asked to clean up the table after eating and helping with the other children near her. Chasity will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.