Name: Bernise, Denise, and Marquis

Case Number: 3071

Date of Birth: 2006

Gender: BoyGirl

State: Texas

Additional Information: Denise, Bernise, and Marquis see each other daily and are used to being together. They enjoy listening to music and dancing together. Bernise has, in the past taken on the parent role to both Denise and Marquis to ensure their safety. Bernise, Denise, and Marquis are honest and admit that they argue on occasion, like most siblings. Bernise and Denise are twins who have unique interests and opinions. Bernise is more the "girly- girl" and Denise is more sporty. Bernise is loving towards her sister Denise and tries to understand her sister. Sometimes Denise will separate herself from the group when she is upset. Marquis is the jokester younger brother who likes to make his sisters laugh. They all wish to be adopted together. They all love and care for each other and want the best for each other.