Name: Jamison Zach and Tyler

Case Number: 3079

Date of Birth: 2002

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Jamison, Zachary, and Tyler have a very close sibling relationship. They enjoy each other’s company and play well together. They adore being outside and playing with one another. They like playing with toys, creating games, and watching television shows. It is important to them that they be placed together as they are quite attached. Jamison, Zachary, and Tyler laugh and run around in each other’s presence. The relationship between Jamison, Zachary, and Tyler is important as it keeps the ability to sustain family traditions and values. Jamison, Zachary, and Tyler will benefit from a family who will ensure their needs are met. An active family who includes the children’s cultural values as well as their traditions, is needed. The boys require parents who are loving, patient, and steadfast in their ability to provide them a great home environment and family.