Name: Garrett

Date of Birth: 2007

Gender: Boy

State: Select a State

Additional Information: Garrett is the typical absolutely adorable child. He is so very lovable with a quick grin and a twinkle in his eye. He likes to do arts and crafts, watch funny movies, and read. Story time is one of Garrett's favorite times. He loves Dora the Explorer and Boots. He wants to meet them and go on an adventure. Garrett also wants to drive a car. Bumper cars would fulfil that wish at this time. His favorite R's at school are reading, recess, and running. You can throw in art. Garrett is a fun little guy. He likes to have fun but he prefers a quiet and calm environment. Garrett enjoys a warm and loving family life. Relationships are extremely important to Garrett. Garrett is a very smart child. He is looking forward to being with a loving family who will care for him.