Name: Michael and Malachi

Case Number: 3092

Date of Birth: 2004

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Malachi and Michael are two brothers, ages 13 and 14 years old who are passionate about sports! They both love to play basketball and football, while Malachi also likes to play baseball. The brothers enjoy talking about their favorite teams and sports figures with each other, and naturally, choosing teams that are rivals just to get under the other brother's skin. It is all good-natured fun and helps to strengthen their brotherly bond. Malachi and Michael's family will be one who is driven, structured, and nurturing. The ideal family will be patient, as each brother will take his own time to adjust to a new home. The brothers need a family who is willing to play ball with them and attend their sports events. It will mean the world to these boys for their forever dad to be their number one fan at their games and to help them practice and develop their skills. Malachi especially desires for his parents to help him achieve his goal of playing basketball in college. The brothers' forever parents that will be willing and able to be strong role models for them as they are teens who want to make good choices for their futures. Birthdates: Malachi - 2004, Michael - 2005