Name: Zaydrean

Case Number: 3135

Date of Birth: 2007

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Zaydrean is a very energetic, active, and funny boy. Zaydrean enjoys swimming, playing outdoors, and video games. He loves to take walks out in the country and loves to be around animals, especially horses and donkeys. Some of his favorite foods are apple pies from McDonald's and tacos; however, he is one of the first to quickly jump at the chance to hit up a Valero to grab a snack or two. Zaydrean likes to read in short spurts and go to the movies. He continues to improve his social and relationship skills with others. He needs patient role models and caregivers to assist and guide him in strengthening these skills. Zaydrean is able to communicate his wants and needs without difficulty.