Name: Christopher

Case Number: 3145

Date of Birth: 2004

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Christopher is a very caring and thoughtful youth. He loves to spend time with the adults in his life by going fishing, playing catch, or just spending time together doing something simple like watching TV or playing video games. Chris likes to go bowling, shopping, and out to eat. He is conscientious about the foods that he eats, as he has become very fit in the last few months and wants to remain healthy. Chris started karate in the past year and really enjoys participating in this activity. In school, Chris struggles some with reading, but has been self-determined to improve this for himself. He has come a long way in this with practice and outside help. Chris is kind and considerate of others. He holds doors open for people; he has manners of common courtesy as well as the respectful habit of addressing adults with ma’am and sir.