Name: Charles

Case Number: 3155

Date of Birth: 2008

Gender: Boy

State: New York

About: Charlie has a lot of energy but nothing matches the love he has to give a family!

Additional Information: Charlie is described as a sweet, energetic, fun-loving child. He enjoys riding bikes, imaginative play with his friends, hiking, playgrounds and playing video games. Charlie likes superheroes and music, and dislikes when other children are mean to him. His favorite food is pizza and his least favorite food is stuffed peppers and cucumbers. Charlie's worker tells us "he gets along with everyone he meets!" She also says he is often willing to try new things. Charlie enjoys school. His favorite subject is gym and his least favorite subject is math. Charlie's dream for the future is to be a part of a family. He says he wants this more than anything. He would do well in a home with other children, as long as there weren't so many that he became overwhelmed. Charlie loves animals and while he does well with all, he would likely connect most with a family dog. Charlie wants a family who will love him and play with him. He genuinely cares about others and wants to do well. He has a lot of energy, but even more love to give!