Name: Angelina

Case Number: 3166

Date of Birth: 2003

Gender: Girl

State: New York

Additional Information: Angelina is a friendly, kind, and loving young lady who wants to be adopted. She is an avid video game player and is a fan of Jordan Nikes. But she's not just an indoors person - she loves warm weather and really likes to swim. She also did gymnastics as a youth and so can do splits, backbends, etc. In school, she like math and science best. When she graduates she wants to move out on her own and get a good job. She loves animals, including cats, dogs, and fish, and so she would like to be in a veterinary field, helping animals in some way. Angelina has adult siblings with whom she wants to stay in contact. She would love to join a family with other children, around her own age. She is looking forward to be adopted!