Name: Stevon

Case Number: 3171

Date of Birth: 2005

Gender: Boy

State: New York

Additional Information: Stevon is a smart young man, very cool but with a kind heart. He has plenty of energy and likes basketball and other sports. He's also involved in church activities, plays video games, and likes reading. He likes reality TV shows but does NOT like romantic shows. When asked about his favorite foods, he includes fried chicken and Buffalo chicken dip, but says his least favorite foods include chitterlings and chicken feet. He enjoys taking trips out of town and would someday love to see an NBA game in person. Stevon is good at basketball, but also at poetry. He's talented at singing too. In school, he likes math - he's good at it. He's a creative young man and is very observant. When he thinks about the future, he wants to go to college to pursue being a cardiologist. Stevon feels that either being an only child or having siblings would be fine with him, and that he'd do well in either setting. He'd prefer to be part of an African American family, with two parents, either a mom and dad or two moms. He is a boy who is eager to please others, and wants to be adopted with all his heart, to be part of a good family.