Name: Passion

Case Number: 3172

Date of Birth: 2002

Gender: Girl

State: New York

Additional Information: Here's what Passion says about herself: She likes to keep to herself until she trusts others, but then she forms a relationship. She can also be funny and have an outgoing spirit at times. She's involved in lacrosse and cheer-leading, and of course, work. Passion is hard-working in order to achieve a goal. For example, she's in work-based learning and getting paid, and is on time for work, works well, and pays attention to details at work. Passion is resilient - she's been through a lot in her young years, where many wouldn't have been able to overcome and manage. However, Passion continues to excel in school, and her support community are amazed at her hard work. She was on Honor Roll 3rd period of 2018-2019, and when this was written, was set to be on Honor Roll again for 4th period. Passion helps with chores and with cooking where she lives, and enjoys recreational outings with peer and interacting positively with others on campus. If she has strong feelings about a situation, she may struggle, but eventually comes and talks out how she feels. She appreciates someone who is there for her and will listen. She is a good advocate for herself and others in need. Passion would like a family that is aware that she will always love her birth parents in spite of the situation, and who will be okay with her open communication with them. She'd love to meet her forever family.