Name: Jeremy

Case Number: 3173

Date of Birth: 1999

Gender: Boy

State: New York

Additional Information: Jeremy is an inquisitive young man. He is very smart and loves to take things apart to see why and how they work. He memorizes lots of things and likes to ask you about them, as an opportunity to explain to you about the topics he knows. For example, he likes to critique As Seen on TV products! Jeremy has a mild, laid-back temperament. He loves to be outdoors and take walks, and to learn and explore by going to new places. He loves all animals and likes to be around them. As far as food is concerned, he is not picky. But one thing he loves is...spam! Jeremy has graduated high school with a diploma. He would like a family to call his own, where he could visit and know they would be there for him. He would love to be adopted or have someone as his guardian. He feels it is important to be part of a family no matter what age you are, and wants this very much.