Name: Kelli

Case Number: 3175

Date of Birth: 2004

Gender: Girl

State: New York

Additional Information: Kelli is an active child, who would love to have a normal life. Kelli says she is talkative and creative. She enjoys swimming, gymnastics, watching Netflix, socializing, horseback riding, and singing. Others describe her as, artistic and a storyteller with a great imagination. Kelli does well in school and gets along with her classmates. Kelli would like to study Cosmetology or a Culinary trade in the future. Kelli still struggles with the emotional issues of abandonment from her family. She would like a Mom and Dad ,who cares about her needs. She would thrive in a setting where she was an only child and would receive plenty of one on one attention and interaction with her parents. A forever family who was structured, active and steady would be so good for Kelli.