Name: Jandel

Case Number: 3176

Date of Birth: 2004

Gender: Boy

State: Florida

Additional Information: Jandel is an active, creative, fun-loving young man who has a plan for his life -- he hopes to join the military when he turns eighteen. To this end, he is currently in ROTC in high school. But he has plenty of other interests. He is a good singer and sang in the chorus. He likes basketball and trampolining. The military is Jandel's immediate plan, and he hopes later to work at something that will allow him to make a lot of money. But more important, right now he wants to be adopted. He would love to stay close to Daytona if possible, and to stay in contact with his birth sister, but is willing to consider moving. He is open to any kind of family, so long as it's a forever family.