Name: Matthew

Case Number: 3182

Date of Birth: 2008

Gender: Boy

State: Florida

Additional Information: With an impish grin, Matthew will steal your heart. Matthew is a loving but timid boy who loves outdoor activities. He likes to play with water in the backyard and he really enjoys playing with sensory related toys. Matthew’s favorite thing to watch is Daniel Tiger on PBS Kids. Although Matthew is learning to expand his pallet, his favorite foods are chicken nuggets, peanut butter and Takis. Matthew has made great strides in his life. There is no saying how far he can go with love, consistency and stability. You could be the home that offers all of that to him. Despite days full of appointments, Matthew loves life and all it has to offer. Although Matthew is not verbal, he has a quiet strength about him. Matthew needs a caring adoptive family that can be rewarded by the little things and make a lifetime commitment to his success.