Name: Jennifer and David

Case Number: 3184

Date of Birth: 2008

Gender: Girl

State: New York

Additional Information: Jennifer is a confident, caring young woman, born in 2008. She enjoys so many things in her life – video games, cooking (she loves pasta), baking, cleaning, drawing, fashion (especially makeup and hair), swimming, the karate she’s learning, arts and crafts, and school – art is a favorite subject, but none come to mind as her least favorite. She’d also love to play soccer or do cheerleading. The only thing she said she really dislikes is drinking – she would like to be adopted into a family where the adults don’t drink alcohol, or only on special occasions or holidays. She’d love to go to college to be a counselor, to help people. David, her younger brother born in 2010, is adaptable. He loves to play Fortnight and Minecraft, to write songs, and above all, to do things as a family! He loves pizza, especially with pepperoni and sausage, and doesn’t much like chores. He would like to go to college and study to be a police officer someday. Both Jennifer and David really want to be adopted. The hope is for them to be adopted together, and they both would be happy to have other siblings and any sort of pet in the family. But the most important thing for both is that they have a loving forever family that does things together.