Name: Terynce

Case Number: 3185

Date of Birth: 2008

Gender: Boy

State: Florida

Additional Information: Terynce is a humorous and happy youth. He is energetic, enjoying basketball, wrestling, and swimming. He loves sports and is very active. He also loves video games and superheroes, especially Spiderman. Wrestling is not just something he does - he's very interested in professional wrestling, and says he wants to be a pro wrestler when he grows up, like his favorite, John Cena. Terynce's favorite foods include pizza, chocolate ice cream, and blueberry slushies. He is not a fan of fish, at least as a food. Terynce would really like a forever home with brothers and sisters, and would love to have pets, especially a golden retriever. But what he really needs is a home where he will be championed and loved forever.