Name: Desirae

Case Number: 3190

Date of Birth: 2004

Gender: Girl

State: New York

Additional Information: Desirae is a fun and caring young woman. She loves animals, especially dogs, and would definitely like to have pets someday. Her empathetic nature makes her want to go to college for animal care, or possibly human services. She is focused and determined about her goals. Desirae likes crafts and other creative pursuits - she likes to write in her journal and English is her favorite subject. She makes her own jewelry and crocheted items, and is interested in fashion and makeup. Although Desirae is a good advocate for herself, she really hopes to soon be in a forever family with people who can love and support her dreams. She would thrive with the emotional support a family brings, even as she enters adulthood, and would love to be adopted into a family that won't give up on her the first time she makes a mistake. She'd also love the opportunity to be a teenager in a family home, and to experience social gatherings as part of a family.