Name: Blake

Case Number: 3197

Date of Birth: 2016

Gender: Boy

State: Florida

Additional Information: Blake is an adorable, active child who loves to move and is very STRONG! He especially likes rocking in his soft chair and bouncing on his bed. Blake's nickname is "JJ", and he loves to splash in the pool. JJ also lights up when football is on television. Some of his favorite toys are things that light up, are crinkly, are soft to the touch, make noises, or move when you play with them. Blake's ideal family is one who will care for him unconditionally and give him lots of soft caresses on his face while talking to him. A dog would be a bonus. Blake needs a family that has lots of love and patience and enjoys providing a hand to hold. Blake will need at least one stay-at-home parent and a lot of support for his needs.