Name: Madison

Case Number: 3202

Date of Birth: 2010

Gender: Girl

State: New York

Additional Information: Maddie is shy and first, but then she lets her goofiness show! She's a caring and kind girl whose best talent is making people feel special. It's important to her that people treat one another kindly, and she tries to encourage them in that direction. She tries to always be authentic and hopes others will treat her that way too. She doesn't like broccoli but loves shrimp, lasagna, Wendy's, and Taco Bell food. She would love to have pets, such as small dogs, ferrets, and cats. Maddie enjoys drawing, photography, shopping, music, arts and crafts, and crystals, and is quite good at drawing. She prefers city living, although she likes camping. Her musical taste runs more to hip-hop than country songs. Someday Maddie hopes to go to college, maybe for nursing. This fits with her caring, helpful personality. Or perhaps she would become a tattoo artist, following her creative leanings with hair and makeup. When she thinks about adoption, she feels a little scared, but she hopes for a nice family who will help her through the transition and into a great future.