Name: Derrick

Case Number: 3204

Date of Birth: 2009

Gender: Boy

State: New York

Additional Information: Derick is an extremely inquisitive and imaginative 13 year old boy. He wants nothing more than to live in a home with a family. Derick has a kind, loving spirit and wants kindness and love in return. Derick loves dogs and hopes that his future family has a dog for him to love. He does have a persuasive nature and is very strong at advocating for his needs and wants. Derick enjoys being an active participant in his environment. He wants to have input and can have encouraging words for those around him. Derick is very caring toward younger children and is quick to offer his assistance if they are struggling. He is always looking for ways to make improvements and looking for job opportunities for himself, such as helping out with building security and maintenance. He even started his own shoe cleaning “business”. Derick is most motivated when he has a leadership role and responsibility. Derick LOVES being outdoors and there really is no limit to what outdoor activities he enjoys. He loves going to the park. He loves the water--swimming and boating. He loves amusement parks. His easy-going spirit and desire to be a part of any family activity makes him open to most all activities involving other people. Derick just wants to be a part of home environment where there is love, positive interaction, and activities.