Name: Craig

Date of Birth: 2001

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Craig is very active child. He easily engages everyone around him. Craig likes to play video games on his PS2 or any game system. He loves to go to the movies and enjoys watching comedy movies. Craig is a big eater and enjoys eating everything his foster parents have to offer. Craig likes to play basketball at home after school. He enjoys outings including going to the museums and picnics. Craig is very creative and has an active mind. He loves music. He has been said to have a good singing voice and sometimes sings in the choir at church. Craig loves to be the center of attention and does well when people are paying attention solely to him. Craig can be very talkative once he gets to know you. Craig can be shy initially but warms up after a little while. Craig wants a home where he will be loved, and wants a forever family. Craig will do well with a family that is patient, nurturing and attentive. An outgoing and active family will be a great asset. Craig will continue to do well in a home that is willing to maintain sibling contact with his brother.