Name: Deandea

Date of Birth: 2001

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Deandea is a happy child who looks for the good in people. He enjoys seeing other people achieve. Deandea is generous with his time and talents. He prides himself in being helpful. Deandea helps around the house. He especially enjoys helping his younger siblings. Deandea is a natural big brother. He looks forward to visits with his younger brother and sister. Deandea knows that they will not be adopted together but will stay in contact. Deandea wants to be a police officer when he grows up. He says that he wants to help people. Deandea has a ton of potential. He is very smart and wise for his age. Deandea requires a strong role model in his life. He desires to be a good role model for his siblings. Deandea would love to have a home where he can run, play and be active in sports. He would like to test his talents and see just how much he can accomplish. Deandea needs parents who will be supportive of him in school. Deanne's parents will be sensitive to him maintaining contact with his younger siblings.