Name: De'Aries

Date of Birth: 2004

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Josiah, also known to others as De’Aries or Josie, is a handsome teen who likes to smile and give big hugs. He enjoys sitting and talking with others about himself and what he has learned at school. Josiah is very bright and energetic. He enjoys playing video games and he likes to play games that allow him to use his imagination. He enjoys being outside riding bikes or playing games with others. He enjoys going out to eat and being with friends. Josiah has three siblings who have already been adopted and he states that he wants a forever family as well. He is open to any kind of family, as long as they like to play games and watch TV. The family will need to be able to keep him active and very involved in activities. It will be important that Josiah’s family will help him continue to have contact with his siblings.