• Where and when does the luncheon take place?

    The Heart Gallery Luncheon takes place on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 from noon to 1:30 at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center. The cost is $75 per person. Tickets for students, teachers and seniors are only $45. Buy your tickets here. Buy your tickets here.

  • What should I expect to experience there?

    You will enjoy a delicious lunch surrounded by others who care about finding families for children who have spent years in the foster care system or in institutions. You will also hear from Christina Baker Kline, the author of Orphan Train. The book spent two years on the New York Times bestseller list. She will share how she came to the story and how the history of the orphan train impacts our world today.

  • What difference do I make as a supporter?

    CAP/Corbett never turns away a family committed to adoption. Without community support, this wouldn’t be possible. More specifically, when you purchase a ticket to the luncheon, you are supporting the diverse efforts of CAP/Corbett working to find homes for many all-but-forgotten children in the foster care system. As a supporter, you fund the Donald J Corbett Adoption Agency, which helps families interested in special needs adoption go through the entire process. Your dollars fund the specialized staff and programs that prepare families for adoption, manage the adoption paperwork and strict requirements, help parents handle the challenges of bringing a child into their home and provide support after the adoption as well. Many of the children and families helped live in Central and Western New York, but CAP is a national organization, helping people throughout the US.

  • Aren’t there many adoption agencies around?

    Yes, there are many agencies and programs that focus on adoption. Most of them however, focus on babies, toddlers and international adoption. Many of them are also for-profit enterprises. CAP/Corbett differs from most in two ways:

    o It focuses on placing older children and sibling groups who are in the foster care system into permanent homes.

    o It is a not-for-profit, therefore no family interested in adoption is turned away because they can’t afford the legal and administrative costs.

  • Who sponsors the luncheon?

    CAP/Corbett benefits from support from a wide array of community partners. Read who is supporting the luncheon and follow us on Facebook for more information as we get closer to the event. 

  • What do you mean by Smooth the Ride for Today’s Foster Children?

    Although today’s children aren’t riding a train to an unknown future, they too have a difficult journey while waiting for a forever family. Of course, most caregivers and the workers who support them do their best to make a good life for foster children, but they can’t take away the uncertainty and difficulties of not having a permanent family. By attending the luncheon or making a contribution, you help speed and smooth the path to finding a warm and welcoming home for waiting foster care children.

  • What is the Orphan Train Immersive Experience?

    During this interactive theatrical re-enactment, participants will be treated as if they are the orphans from New York City being shipped to the Midwest in the hopes of finding a family who will want them. The goal of the experience is for attendees to truly understand the feelings of children back then and now. It is an exercise in generating empathy. The event concludes with a discussion, which will allow people to share what they felt and any insights they gained.

  • Is this event appropriate for children?

    Although people will get to take a short ride on a train, it is not appropriate for children 15 and younger.

  • <p>Although people will get to take a short ride on a train, it is not appropriate for children 15 and younger.</p>

    The event takes place on Saturday October 27, 2018 at the New York Museum of Transportation. It’s located at 6393 E River Rd in West Henrietta, NY. The program lasts approximately one hour and starts at 11 am. You can reserve your space by calling the CAP office at 585-232-5110. Read more about this event.

  • What problems does CAP/Corbett address?

    Our team works through all phases of adoption. Our adoption specialists find “matches” between youth and adoptive families. Our caseworkers search for and recruit children and families. Our staff provides legal and financial assistance every step of the way. Our mentors and specialists prepare families for welcoming a new, and often challenged, child into their home and continue to provide professional guidance to ensure strong, healthy family relationships. CAP ensures that no family is turned away because they can’t afford the adoption process. The result of this specialized work means children and parents end up with their Forever Family.

  • What are the consequences if CAP/Corbett doesn’t get enough support?

    If people don’t donate and support CAP/Corbett, more children will have a longer and bumpier ride on the proverbial orphan train. They will spend a longer time in foster care or in institutions. Government agencies often focus on kindship care (fostering or adoption by a family member), so they don’t do exhaustive searches to help the 50% of foster children who don’t go home or to a new family within a year. This leaves many children without hope for a permanent loving home. And those children, when they “age out” are more likely to experience homelessness and/or prison.

  • Why should my charitable dollars go to CAP/Corbett?

    CAP/Corbett is one of the few organizations nationwide that focuses on the mostly forgotten children languishing in foster homes or institutions. Most families looking to adopt search for babies or toddlers who do not suffer from medical, intellectual or emotional challenges. There is a void in adoption services for this population of children. By supporting CAP/Corbett, you make sure that every child has the chance to grow up and go through life with a family.