What is "Foster to Forever" and why are we doing it?

On March 1, Children Awaiting Parents (CAP) is launching its first Foster to Forever: CAP Challenge for the 125 Thousand—a “challenge for a cause.”  We encourage communities to join our FREE, three-month event to raise awareness of the 125,000 children in the U.S. waiting in foster care for a forever family. 

Our goal? Reach 125,000 miles by the end of May—National Foster Care Month— representing the 125,000 children hoping to move from foster care into a forever family. At the end of May, the top three participants logging the most mileage will be recognized publicly and receive a special gift card.

How to participate:

  1. Decide what kind of exercises/activities you want to do. Walk, run, swim, ski, bike, lift weights, dance, box, do yoga, or do any other movement-related activity. Do the same or different activities each time — whatever keeps you motivated!

  2. Each time you exercise, log your activity here—either in steps, miles, or minutes. CAP will convert all activity into miles for the end of the challenge.

  3. We welcome donations (optional) of any amount to recognize your accomplishments and to help CAP find forever families for waiting children. Donate here.

  4. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for information and motivational updates, and share on your social media. Post your own photos and updates, tag Children Awaiting Parents, and use hashtag #fostertoforever

  5. Check here to see a running total of all participants (updated weekly).

  6. Tell your friends, family, and workplace colleagues, and encourage them to join you!

Sponsorships are also welcomed and appreciated:
(585)232-5110 or info@capbook.org