Congratulations to All who Participated in the "Foster to Forever" Challenge!

Look how many miles we've logged together!

But our goal was 125,000 miles.
Does this mean we've failed?


Every mile is time that you've spend focusing on the need for forever homes for foster children!  Who knows what positive action will come from the time you've spent thinking?

And this is symbolic too -- we may not be able to find a forever home for every child, but we can find a home for the next child, and the next, and the next -- and every child who finds a forever home is a step in the right direction!

Congratulations to those who logged the most mileage:

Heather Henry with 328 miles

Tracy VanVleck with 648 miles

Paige VanDemark with 686 miles

And thank you to all who participated through activity and spreading the word.