Name: Hakeem

Date of Birth: 2000

Gender: Boy

State: North Carolina

Additional Information: Hakeem is a very stylish, inquisitive, friendly and polite boy. He enjoys playing baseball, drawing, playing on the computer and action heroes. Like most kids his age his favorite food is pizza. Hakeem enjoys school. His favorite subjects are history and art. When he gets older Hakeem would like to be a history teacher or join the military. Hakeem also loves animals (his favorite are tigers) and would love a family that has pets. Hakeem is excited about adoption. He has longed to have a family to call his own. Hakeem is a good kid with a great personality. He can be shy at first, but will open up upon getting to know someone. He needs a family that will provide him with love and support. If you feel you can be that family for Hakeem, please inquire.