Name: James

Date of Birth: 2001

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: James has a great personality and is very talkative. He is constantly working on ways to improve and is so eager to learn. At times, James struggles in school and benefits from an educational setting that supports him in excelling. He struggles with processing information and benefits from step-by-step directions to help him succeed. James loves attention and feeling secure. He has a strong desire to feel successful and as though he belongs. He likes to know what is going to happen next, so as to minimize any anxiety he may feel. James looks forward to fun events and is motivated to do his best. He expects people to keep their word and be fair. James would like to have a forever family of his own. James is looking forward to having a loving and nurturing relationship with parents who will be there for him. He is very mature, but still craves a family who will give him guidance, encouragement, and help him feel as though he is a member of their family. James has an older brother who is not part of this adoption. He needs a family who will promote communication with his brother, as this is a very important relationship to him. He wants to always maintain phone contact with him, at the least.