Name: Julius

Date of Birth: 2002

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Julius is brilliant and outgoing. He is incredibly smart and loves learning and reading. Julius has a love for science and all sports. He enjoys attending school and is very proud of making the honor roll. Julius not only enjoys achieving in the classroom, he also enjoys competing and achieving on the field. His favorite activities are football, basketball, and swimming. When Julius is not studying or being athletic, he enjoys caring for animals of all types, including farm animals. Julius has a big heart and smile to match. He is a kind person. He is well rounded in his interests. Julius will do well to be exposed to the arts, as he likes to sing, listen to music and sit and draw. He is a very good artist. He enjoys outdoor activities and playing with other children. Julius does not mind playing some good old fashioned team games such as kickball and volleyball. He has several trophies he can show off from his academic and athletic achievements. Julius has a ton of potential and needs a faithful forever family to persevere with him and help him achieve peace and prosperity.