Name: William

Date of Birth: 2003

Gender: Boy

State: New York

Additional Information: William, better known as Billy, enjoys spending time with people who care and love him. Billy is a bright, active, young man with an outgoing personality. Billy easily builds relationships with those who care for him. Billy enjoys spending his time playing with Legos, action figures, matchbox cars, and arts and crafts. He enjoys listening to music as well as making music. Billy also enjoys playing sports and spending time with other children however can easily entertain himself during unstructured, alone time. Although at times school has been difficult for Billy, he enjoys the support he receives at school and puts effort into his classes. Billy loves animals and hopes to care for a pet he can call his. Billy would thrive in a loving, calm, and nurturing environment, and does well with established routines and boundaries. Are you the family who can provide Billy the loving, forever home he needs?