Name: Zanayjah

Date of Birth: 2003

Gender: Girl

State: New Hampshire

Additional Information: Zanayjah is a sweet, friendly, funny and talented young girl. Being well rounded, athletic, musical and artistic are all qualities that describe her. She enjoys most activities including swimming, hiking, playing outside, horseback riding, cheerleading, volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, drawing, doing puzzles, and arts and crafts. She would like to take gymnastics and/ or karate lessons. Zanayjah enjoys playing musical instruments and plays the clarinet in the school band. Like most girls she loves fashion and shopping. She is a Taylor Swift and One Direction fan. Zanayjah aspires to be an anesthesiologist, nurse, doctor or veterinarian. She likes school and all her subjects, with math and science being her favorites. Zanayjah’s number one wish is for an adoptive family. She hopes her new family has lots of pets. It is important that her new family listens to her. She needs an active family. Her new family will need to be patient and allow her to maintain contact with her younger sister. If you feel like Zanayjah would be a good fit for your family, please inquire.