Name: Jeremy and David

Case Number: 2306

Date of Birth: 2007

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Jeremy and David interact and play with each other on occasion. Both children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jeremy enjoys being independent and going on outings or being outside. He is affectionate and passive. He prefers routine and is not favorable of many changes. David is sweet and lovable. He loves all the attention he can get. Jeremy and David will do best with a patient and flexible family willing to provide them with the attention they need. Their family will be committed to adopting them together and help them through the transition. They will thrive with a family who is able to maintain a structured environment and a daily routine. Jeremy and David are ready to find a forever family who will commit to both of them for the rest of their lives. Birthdates: Jeremy –2007, David – 2010