Children Awaiting Parent's Adoption Agency

CAP's adoption agency offers pre- through post-adoption services to help guide adoptive parents as they create a stable, supportive new family.  Our mission is to support and work closely with families interested in adoption from foster care.

We believe in having personal contact and support through the entire adoption process.  This provides reassurance for families and the children they adopt, and ultimately leads to successful adoptions.

We also believe that the adoption process includes thorough preparation of the family before the adoption, and lots of support even after finalization - once a CAP family, always a CAP family!

Typically, our adoptive families are spread out throughout New York State, to assure that we can maintain close ties throughout the process.  We will continue to be available to provide additional resources to families nationally as they contact CAP.

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Become an Adoptive Family

There are more than 125,000 children and youths in foster care who are waiting for a forever family.  Could you be the one to be that family for them? 

It may be the most important thing you ever do.

Contact:  Veronica Black


Judge Corbett

Donald J Corbett

The Donald J. Corbett Adoption Agency at CAP is named after the Honorable Donald J. Corbett, who was a Monroe County Family Court and NYS Court of Claims Judge. Judge Corbett was credited with opening doors for women in law, working for the betterment of housing for low income residents and consistently supporting the efforts to support children’s issues. He was involved in numerous organizations, giving of his time and knowledge. They included the Rochester Housing Authority, the Rochester Boys and Girls Club and Children Awaiting Parents. His interest in promoting women in the court system was renowned and he received accolades from the National Council of Jewish Women and Greater Rochester Association for Women Attorneys (GRAWA).

Judge Corbett, before his passing at age 74, was a strong supporter of CAP’s initiatives to break barriers surrounding cross county adoptions. He served his final years, after retirement from the judiciary, as a hands-on CAP Board member. He maintained that CAP should take the next steps for its’ future by making an even greater step by becoming an adoption agency to better serve the nation’s longest waiting children in the foster care system. CAP chose to continue to honor his forward thinking by developing an agency that would bear his name and legacy.