Register a Child for "Our Children" With CAP

Caseworkers, you can register children on your caseload with CAP by downloading our printable form and faxing or mailing it to CAP.  Or you can call or send a message to us and we will help you complete the registration.

Download the printable form to register a child
Get help from CAP/Corbett to register a child
Help a family inquire about a chld online

Caseworkers, give the kids in your care a voice! Click here to download a thumbnail sketch worksheet for waiting children to fill out themselves, "Because It's All About Me."

You must submit at least one clear, high quality photograph of each child that you register. If you are registering a sibling group to be placed together, we prefer that the children be photographed together. If this is not possible, please let us know. Digital photographs (at least 300 dpi) may be submitted via email to, please indicate the child's name in the subject line of your message. Hard copy photographs can be mailed to our office: 

Attn: Child & Family Specialist 
Children Awaiting Parents, Inc. 
176 Anderson Avenue, Suite F202
Rochester, NY 14607

Helpful hints for taking a child's photo:

  • Take the child outside. Natural sunlight is best.
  • Have the child look into the camera.  Potential parents want to see eyes; they feel a better connection.
  • Try to pose the child as if it’s a senior picture; example: with a tree in the background.
  • Try to take one or two pictures of the child doing an activity they enjoy; it helps with bringing the narrative
    “to life.”
  • Have fun with it!  Once comfortable, the children usually enjoy the individual attention and that’s when you get the best pictures

Register a child