Our Allies in Adoption and Foster Care

National Adoption Association:

From their website:

The NAA Mission

Leaders advancing best practices in adoption from foster care.

The NAA vision

Build the premier network of professionals and agencies to create innovative strategies and solutions so that every child has a permanent loving family.

Formerly known as the Adoption Exchange Association

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National Adoption Association:

From their website:

We Promote Families for all Children in Foster Care!

Through advocacy, adoption support, leadership development, and education the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) works to ensure all children in foster care have permanent, loving families and adoptive families have the support they need.


  • Advocacy
  • Adoption Support
  • Leadership Development
  • Education and Information

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Voice for Adoption:

From their website:

The Voices for Adoption Mission

Voice for Adoption advocates, educates, and collaborates to advance federal policies that promote and sustain permanence for children and youth in foster care.

The Voices for Adoption Vision of Success

All children and youth in foster care in the U.S. will have a safe, loving, supported and permanent family.

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Texas Adoption Resource Exchange:

From their website:

What is TARE

The Texas Adoption Resource Exchange (TARE) is an online tool that helps match adoptive parents and children awaiting adoption....

The TARE website gives you:

  • Steps and requirements for becoming an adoptive parent.
  • Lists of upcoming adoption meetings in your area.
  • Lists of private adoption agencies in your area.
  • The ability to search for children waiting to be adopted.

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