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Foster/Adoptive Parent NTDC Training: A 10-week training for prospective foster and adoptive parents. NTDC, the comprehensive curriculum that tackles separation, loss, grief, trauma, and differences of race and culture in adoption and foster care. This cutting-edge resource

  • offers adoptive, kinship, and foster parents culturally relevant and flexible education to empower them over the course of time and at the right time
  • helps families understand their role in caring for children and helps them to build new and necessary parenting skills
  • ensures that parenting strategies are practical, relevant, and relatable
  • offers tools families need to provide a nurturing environment that promotes healthy child development for children experiencing trauma often related to separation, loss, and grief.

This traininig combines sef-assessment and classroom-based training, and enables partents to access the information they want when they want it

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MAPP Training: A 10-week training for prospective foster and adoptive parents. These classes help prospective parents make an informed decision to pursue foster parenting or adoption. Families assess their parenting skills – their strengths and their needs, their desire and ability to work as partners, and their ability to meet the needs of children for safety, permanency and well-being.

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"Deciding Together" Training: A highly personalized, trauma-informed family preparation and selection program. These classes help prospective parents make an informed decision to pursue foster parenting or adoption.

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Adoption and Foster Care Information Meeting: Interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent? CAP hosts general information meetings at 6:00 PM on the second and last Tuesdays of each month. Learn all you need to know about foster care and adoption, the process, and how to get started!

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"Who's Here for Me?" - Trauma-Informed Parent Training: This training provides the concrete base needed by foster and adoptive families to meet the needs of children and youth who have experienced trauma that has led to moderate to serious emotional and behavioral health challenges.

Trauma training aims to teach parents about how trauma effects the cognitive and emotional development of the brain, helping them to be more accepting of the child. It gives them skills and knowledge to adapt their parenting styles to the child’s needs, rather than focusing only on the child’s behaviors. This helps parents form a safe, enduring relationship with the child.

The training also builds self-awareness in the parents, teaching them to reflect on their own feelings and reactions, and to draw on their support system during challenges.

To inquire about Trauma Training contact:
Toni Marrocco-Helwig    585-232-5110

"Caring for Our Own" Training: A nine week, 27 hour support group designed to provide kinship caregivers with assistance and ideas to help them work in partnership with the helping network, the children and the birth parents of the children. The program was updated in 2011 to include information on trauma and current federal guidelines for kinship care.

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To inquire about "Carilng for Our Own" training, contact:
Toni Marrocco-Helwig    585-232-5110

Family Support Group: A support group for adoptive and foster parents, CAP's Family Support Group meets from time to time throughout the year to exchange ideas and encouragement. Sometimes there are speakers or presentations, but there is always camaraderie and sharing of stories. Parents can say to one another, “You’re not alone – we’ve had the same problems as you, and we worked through them.” Nothing takes the place of a community of families to ensure a happy, successful adoptive or fostering experience. Please join us at any meeting – no commitment required.

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CAP Chats: Hosted by CAP, these hour-long lunchtime Facebook Live events present discussion with experts on foster care, adoption, trauma, and more. 

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SSAFE Family Training: TBD

To inquire about SSAFE Family Training contact:
Toni Marrocco-Helwig    585-232-5110


For any other questions about learning opportunities at CAP

Contact:  Toni Marrocco-Helwig