Name: Eugene

Case Number: 3076

Date of Birth: 2007

Gender: Boy

State: Texas

Additional Information: Eugene is a happy, sensitive, friendly, and outgoing boy who is very active. He is known for his sincerity and beautiful smile. Eugene has played basketball for his school and has been on a soccer team. He likes to swim and took 4th place on the swim team in the past. Eugene likes to play cards, but his favorite board game is checkers. He likes to read superhero comic books and his favorite characters are Spider-Man and Wonder Woman. His favorite color is red. Eugene likes to eat pepperoni pizza, Snickers, Takis, and drink Sprite. He likes dogs, cats, and fish and hopes his family has pets. Eugene enjoys learning new things and he does well academically. He is currently learning positive ways to manage his actions and loves to find coping skill to help him engage and learn. Eugene also enjoys being outdoors, running, playing, or riding his bike. He is making positive choices and enjoys structure at times. Eugene loves to dream of the day when he can play many sports.